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Residence Registration

1. How to apply

  • Within three working days since the arrival of the following people in China, the consular post should present a note to the Foreign Affairs Office to apply for their residence registration: the accompanying grown-up children, parents, parents-in-law or other indirect relatives (holding W visa) approved by the Chinese government of the member of the consular post, diplomatic or service passport holders coming to China with the visa-waiver privilege for a temporary assignment in the consular post or a visit to friends or relatives for more than thirty days.

  • The passports of the aforesaid people should also be presented to the Foreign Affairs Office with a note of the consular post, in which their name, gender, nationality, type of passport, passport number, status (reasons to stay), and duration of stay in China should be clearly indicated.

2. Visa Extension

  • If anyone of the aforesaid people is unable to leave China within the period as registered, the relevant consular post should, fifteen days prior to the registered date of departure, apply to the Foreign Affairs Office for extension and state the reasons and expected period for the extended residence.

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